We are a design company called “Drawing and Manual”.

The name of our design company is “Drawing and Manual.” Our designers are interested in the shifting the understanding of design, which has been closely associated with computer work, to realign it with handwork. Once we took on this mission, our hands, feet, and mind began moving. We began using pencils and scissors, standing and moving, walking in the city, and observing and talking to people. We then realized that arts and crafts are the basis for dynamic design.
Our clients come from a variety of industries such as home appliances, automobiles, residential housing, foods, fashion, entertainment, furniture, broadcasting, and publishing. We are given a variety of design jobs from a variety of industry professionals. As our clients are professionals in their respective fields, we take their fields very seriously. At our office we do our best to integrate our professionalism with our clients’.



The relationship between our clients and us are bonded in a creative relationship called design.

ʻDesigningʼ is a work to make relationships. Relationship between consumers and manufacturers. Relationship between developers and community. And the relationship between our clients and us are bonded in a creative relationship called design. It is to simultaneously establish various relationships that cannot be explained in one affair. Developing a brand, that is, to make a design that makes the clientʼs asset work better. Designing a brand is our proposition and ideal.



We are good at producing video footage.

We are good at producing video footage. “Titleback” such as those of movies and TV dramas are our strongest forte. We also make TV commercials and music videos. We are also good at image video footage for presentations and fashion shows. We take an intriguingly serious stance on image footages vital for sound business PR. We create image footages with a notion that we are designing it. Because they are images that design company creates.



We have a team that designs websites.

We have a team that designs websites. We are working on interactive design,while seeking up-to-date technology everyday. Not only special websites, but we also make mobile sites. What we are good at is to create the client companyʼs entire website. After all, we have graphic designers and image footage creators right next to the web design team. The balance between solid design and the cutting edge design. This sense of balance is the characteristics of our web design.



Unwearying and long lasting

With graphic design, we pursue realistic design that works effectively in a place close to living spaces. Catalogue design, package design, book binding design, editorial design, etc. Taking them in hand, taking them home, putting them on a book shelf, Putting them in a room, giving them as presents. Coming face to face with resources, everyday we actively create designs that are in close touch with life, and designs that are unwearying and long lasting.



Designing space is also what we do. To create a scene with people in it

Designing space is also what we do. To create a scene with people in it, requires imagination, and is fun and responsible work. This work is to create a design that makes actions such as look, touch, smell, feel, sit, eat, sleep, etc. feel good. It is a very delicate and dynamic creation.Each space design is created with a lot of time spent.